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RINREI TAPE Co.,LTDdevelops the product matched to needs in the age, and delivers the adhesive tape to various fields.

Corporate profile

Our company was founded in August, 1966, as one of the group companies of Rinrei Co., Ltd., the most major wax manufacturer in Japan. We have started as a manufacturer of a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of Japanese paper, became the first company to introduce hot-melt and solvent-free production line and have readjusted the production line to the various product needs such as craft papers, cloth, Japanese papers and the other custom-order items, even in small quantities.

We have enhanced our research laboratory and also strengthened collaboration with the development section of Rinrei. We are pursuing "the creation of new conveniences for customers" and doing our best to develop new products not only for commercial use such as packaging and construction but also for general consumers.

Rinrei tape product introduction


The most suitable for masking at the painting working sites in residential construction and renovation.


Strong type tape developed for various kinds of framework hardly causing paper cutting.


Masking tape with acrylic adhesive agent, showing superior resistance to solvent.


Standard almighty type for curing at construction sites with high durability, so thin as to be easily cut by hand.

The best-selling item of our masking tape series for curing at construction sites.
Developed out of the suggestions made by overseas end users and now amassing good results.

Made of Japanese rice paper (Washi), applicable to any kinds of surface, durable against indoor atmospheric condition, impervious to solvent and leaving almost no adhesive residue after peeling.

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